Here is the list for the 2017 Bible School.

Please contact Sis. Jennifer Russell with any questions or corrections.

  • (C & C): Teacher responsible for collecting supplies at Lawler Lodge and setting up classroom on Sunday afternoon.
  • (S): Teacher responsible for taking class to Emerson hall for snack right after their class.
  • (I): Teacher responsible for taking inventory and returning supplies back to Lawler Lodge.
  • (P): Teacher responsible for program.


PreK/K Teachers: 1st Period: Sis. Deb Styles (C & C), 2nd Period: Sis. Scarlett Smith (S), 3rd Period: Sis. Jennifer Russell( I & P)

Location: Emerson Hall

  • Audrey Beutel
  • Isaac Patterson
  • Lydia Culver
  • Naomi Styles
  • Adalia Vaughn


1st/2nd Grade Teachers: 1st Period: Sis. Eden Tunnell (C & C) (P), 2nd Period: Sisters. Coral & Corrine Reich (S) 3rd Period: Sis. Julie Porterfield (I)

Location: Schlenz Hall (left) in Gilboa

  • Alexander Sotomayor
  • Michael Neal
  • Petra Brinkerhoff
  • Isla Elton
  • Robin Cadieux
  • Brianna MacDougall


3rd Grade Teachers: 1st Period: Sis. Janee Blanchard ( C & C), 2nd Period: Sis. Rebekah Eustis (S), 3rd Period: Sis. Nancy deCaussin ( I & P)

Location: Schlenz Hall (right) in Gilboa

  • Ryder Blanchard
  • Ahava Brinkerhoff
  • Asha Brinkerhoff
  • Ian Patterson
  • Lila Goodwin
  • Lucas Styles
  • Silas Culver
  • Aaliyah Paggi
  • Abigail Shankour
  • Jake Tilbury
  • Lila Goodwin
  • Aurora Badger


4th Grade Teachers: 1st Period: Bro. Chris Stickney ( C & C), 2nd Period: Sis. Debra Phenicie (S), 3rd Period: Bro. Tim Jennings (P & I) 

Location: Lawler Lodge in Meadow

  • Riley Blanchard
  • Ari Brinkerhoff
  • McKenzie Morrow
  • Daniel Tucker
  • Audie Nottinham
  • Fletcher Prince
  • Fallon Prince
  • Lily Stickney
  • Logan Styles
  • Sophia Goodwin
  • Lillie Robinson
  • Karlie Reister
  • Phoebe Cuadra


5th/6th Grade Teachers: 1st Period: Sis. Annette Clarke (C & C), 2nd Period: Sis. Danielle Ferrie (S), 3rd Period: Bro. Tim Jennings (P & I)

Location: TBD

  • Riley Elton
  • Siena Frainie
  • Ivan Morrow
  • Skyler Hunter
  • Matthew Jones
  • Julia Patterson
  • Sam Hawthorne
  • Pate Neal
  • Jotham Teal
  • Zachary Robinson
  • Olivia Badger
  • Naomi Sanclemente


7th/8th Grade Teachers: 1st Period: Bro Dalton Henley (C & C) ; 2nd Period: Sisters Emily Amis & Alicia Stark(S); 3rd Period: Bro. Erik Sternad (I)

Location: Chapel in Meadow

  • Baylee Budde
  • Miles Frainie
  • Nathanael Frisby
  • Kieran Hunter
  • Isabel Ramirez
  • Levi Yung
  • Camille Hawthorne
  • Julia Eustis
  • Macie Budde
  • Crystal Wong
  • Rebekah Bailey
  • Melissa Henley
  • Jessica Palmer
  • Kaycie Robinson
  • Juliea Badger
  • Ethan Walker
  • Emma Hawkins