Hello Idyllwild Teachers,


Greetings in our Lord Jesus.

Thank you very much for making the commitment to teach a youth class at Bible School. It is a job that requires a lot of time and effort and your willingness to serve is appreciated.


Your class information can be found on this same website: http://californiabibleschool.org/teachers/

Go to “TEACHER RESOURCES”: class lists, list of supplies, teaching/management suggestions and links to other resources.

  • Free Link: Pinterest is a great place for lessons, activities and crafts.
  • Free Link: Calvary Chapel Sunday School. Many Christadelphians use these links, but as always it is wise to evaluate the content. http://www.calvarycurriculum.com/curriculum.php
  • Oriental Trading provides great craft ideas with Biblical themes.


Children learn differently:

  • Varying activities will help keep children’s attention and better meet their learning style (See Teaching Suggestions on website)
  • We would like to discourage you from using too many worksheets.


Check website:

  • Updates with registration happens continually.
  • Remember to have at least 3 extra sets of lessons and crafts for last minute changes.



  • Each teacher given $15.00 per student.
  • All receipts need to be turned into Brother Jeff Gelineau even if you are wanting to make a donation.
  • Receipts can be mailed to Brother Jeff prior for reimbursement or the week of Idyllwild.
  • Advances can also be made prior to Bible School if needed so contact Bro. Jeff in regards to this.
  • Receipts give the Bible School Committee an idea of overall costs.



  • Please limit amount of candy, classes are during morning.
  • Fresh and nutritious snacks for classes K-8th will be provided @ Emerson Hall after 2nd 2nd period teachers are responsible for reminding and leading students first day to Emerson Hall. (S) is next to your name to remind you of your responsibility first couple of days about explaining snack.
  • K/1/2- Sis. Corral & Sis. Corrine Reich
  • 3/ 4- Bro. Forrest & Sis. Holly Brinkerhoff
  • 5/ 6- Bro. Dalton Henley
  • 7/ 8- Bro. Kevin & Sis. Rebekah Hunter
  • Water & cups may be available @ Gilboa’s Schlenz Hall, Emerson Hall, Lawler Lodge and the Meadow Chapel. This year each class will have water bottles that can be refilled if necessary. Encourage students to put names on them and to drink and stay hydrated.


Program: (P) is next to your name to remind you of this responsibility.

  • Teachers that are responsible for the program this year are as follows:
  • K/1/2 Grade: Bro. Josh Sommerville
  • 3/4 Grade: Sis. Danielle Ferrie
  • 5/6 Grade: Bro. Tim Jennings


Setting Up your Classroom: SOMETHING NEW ..2nd YEAR!!!!!

  • First period teachers are responsible for collecting all your supplies at Lawler Lodge in Meadow on the Sunday we arrive for your grade and taking them to your classroom. Also arrange tables and chairs to your liking.

(C & C) next to your name to remind you of your responsibility to collect supplies and set-up classroom.

  • K/1/2: Bro. Josh Sommerville
  • 3/4 : Sis. Janee Blanchard
  • 5/6: Sis. Sara Ramirez
  • 7/8: Bro Matthew deCaussin


Collecting student work:

  • Brown paper bags will be provided to collect work for grades K-8th.
  • On Saturday, all 3rd period teachers need to make sure all sweaters, Bibles, personal items as well as work and crafts be sent with the students.



  • All 3rd period teachers are responsible for completing inventory list on Saturday, returning supply box, easel, whiteboard to Lawler Lodge in Meadow on Saturday before lunch. Have students help with inventory and carrying items. (I) is next to remind you of this responsibility.
  • K/1/2- Eden Tunnell
  • 3 / 4- Danielle Ferrie
  • 5/ 6- Tim Jennings
  • 7/ 8- Erik Sternad



Please attend two short meetings both at Emerson Hall

  • Sunday night right after Memorial Service
  • Friday after lunch

Missed Class:

  • The class you miss because of teaching can be downloaded from the Bible School website.


Again, thank you for teaching and if you have any questions prior to Idyllwild, please call Sis. Jennifer Russell (626) 303-2255 or email cjkk92@gmail.com. I am here to encourage and help you in your planning for the week. Unfortunately my family will not be able to attend Idyllwild this year, we will be at the Harper Adam’s Bible School in England that same week. In my absence Sister Sara Ramirez will be bringing out the supplies from the shed and taking them to Lawler Lodge in the Meadow, leading the teacher’s meeting on Sunday night and Friday after lunch as well as giving announcements and overall problem solving for the week. She will be available to help make the week enjoyable for all.


Love from your sister in Christ,

Sis. Jennifer Russell