Idyllwild Bible School
2020 Idyllwild Bible School - Canceled
1 Recording
Palm Spings Bible School
Considering Christ
Duncan Kenzie
5 Recordings
Class 1
Christ as a Mediator
45:35 minutes
Class 2
Christ as a High Priest
50:43 minutes
Class 3
Christ as a Judge
50:06 minutes
Class 4
Christ as a King
43:43 minutes
Class 5
Christ as a Savior
45:55 minutes
Suffering Unto Glory
Stephen Whitehouse
6 Recordings
Whose Heart the Lord Opened
42:01 minutes
Class 1
My Bonds in Christ are Manifest in All the Palace
44:43 minutes
Class 2
He Humbled Himself, and Became Obedient Unto Death
51:30 minutes
Class 3
For the Excellency of the Knowledge of Jesus Christ My Lord
48:12 minutes
Class 4
Work Out Your Salvation with Fear and Trembling
50:45 minutes
Class 5
The Peace of God Shall Keep Your Hearts and Minds
48:33 minutes
2020 PSBS Group Photos
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2020 Group Photo
2020 Canadian Photo